UtaYoh Wins in Pilkada Fakfak, Independent Evidence of Overthrowing Oligarchy Power

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JAKARTA.OKEYBOZ.COM – The victory of Untung Tamsil and Yohana Dina Hindom (UtaYoh) in the election of the Regent and Deputy Regent of Fakfak for the 2020-2025 period is a new historical record in the political arena in Fakfak and generally Indonesia.

the UtaYoh pair made history as a candidate for Regent who advanced through the Independent route which was able to overthrow the oligarchic power of 11 Political Parties that carried candidate pairs Samaun Dahlan and Cliford C Ndandarmana.

The head of the UtaYoh winning team, Salim Ali Hamid, said that behind this phenomenal history, another note was that the Independent was the first to take part in practical politics in Fakfak, in a relatively long period of time, since direct elections were held.

“History also records the appearance of a woman Asli Anak Mbaham Matta Fakfak as Deputy Regent of Fakfak,” said Salim in a press release, Tuesday, January 12, 2021 in Jakarta.

said Salim, Deputy Regent Yohana Dina Hindom, the original son of Mbaham Matta Fakfak who accompanied the charismatic youth figure Untung Tamsil.

“The duet between a child and a mother with a number of bureaucratic experiences has been able to boost their electability,” said Salim.

He continued, now the people of Fakfak are expecting a lot, waiting for a figure who is considered capable of bringing change in his own country and in Papua.

“In accordance with the vision and mission, UtaYoh, namely Leading, Prosperous, Comfortable, Excellent, and Independent, (SMILE),” said Salim.

Fakfak regional election 2020, Successfully Overthrowing the Power of Oligarchy

Salim also said that the victory of Untung Tamsil and Yohana Dina Hindom as the elected Regent and Deputy Regent was proof of the victory of the people, especially the people of Fakfak.

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